Past Events


  • Tocqueville Forum Conference: “Democracy and Partisanship: Historical Reflections & Future Possibilities”


  • Barry S. Strauss (Cornell University): “Behind Enemy Lines: The Attack That Undermined Anthony and Cleopatra, Methone, 31 BC”
  • Walter Nicgorski (University of Notre Dame): “Cicero: Statesman As Well As Political Philosopher”
    [Click here to access a video recording of Dr. Nicgorski’s lecture]
  • Tocqueville Forum Conference: “Burke, Keynes, and the Political Economy of Time”


  • Ruth W. Grant (Duke University): “How Could They Let This Happen?: Cover Ups, Accountability, and the Complicity Problem”
  • Chandran Kukathas (Singapore Management University): “Immigration and Freedom”


  • Sidney M. Milkis (University of Virginia): “What Happened to the Vital Center: The Fracturing of America and the Rise of Donald Trump”
  • Helge Antoni: “Cross-Cultural Influences and National Identity in Music”
  • Christopher S. Celenza (Georgetown University): “Machiavelli: Yesterday and Today”
  • Tocqueville Forum Student Fellows Conference: “Social Media and Democracy”


  • Tocqueville Forum Conference: “The Legacy of Democracy in America
  • Department of Classics/Tocqueville Forum Conference: “Political Rhetoric: Ancient and Modern”


  • Rogers M. Smith (University of Pennsylvania): “Democracy in America in the 21st Century: New Challenges of Diversity and Inequality”
  • Forum Roundtable: “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education for the 21st Century”


  • Arthur Herman (Hudson Institute): “The Future of the Western Experiment”
  • Rod Dreher (The American Conservative) and Ken Myers (Mars Hill Audio): “The Benedict Option?”
  • Joel Kotkin (Chapman University): “The Clerisy, Oligarchs and the New Politics of Class”
  • ​Textual Exegesis Conference: “The Interpretation and Teaching of Primary Sources”