Faculty Symposia

  • Alfonso Gómez-Lobo

    Alfonso Gómez-Lobo

    Philosophy Professor Alfonso Gómez-Lobo leading a Student/Faculty Symposium on Plato's "Gorgias"

  • E.J. Dionne at the Tocqueville Forum

    E.J. Dionne at the Tocqueville Forum

    E.J. Dionne meets with a group of Tocqueville Forum Student Fellows during a "Faculty Symposium"

A Faculty Symposium, a private event hosted by the Tocqueville Forum, is a seminar-style meeting between Student Fellows and a professor or other special guest. The visitor gives an informal lecture on an important work of his choice; one that has been formative in his intellectual life. Students then have the opportunity to discuss the work with the guest and also receive a free copy of the book under discussion to promote the building of their personal libraries. With this series, the Forum seeks to nourish in students a love for reading the classic texts of Western Civilization in an age that is more accustomed to gleaning information from online sources than reading deeply in history, theology, literature, poetry, and political philosophy.